Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC


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The dominant US perspective about drinking problems — that abstinence is the only genuine solution — gets a thorough re-examination in Can I Keep Drinking? If you're looking for a fresh and evidence-based perspective on drinking problems and ways to cahnge them, everything you need to know is here.
Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP, President, Practical Recovery
Author: Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate:
A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions



Can I Keep Drinking? is a fresh voice in the emerging field of moderation treatment programs, and offers readers evidence-based alternatives to the abstinence-only, “one size fits all” model that does not fit all problem drinkers. It offers practical, real-world answers that will help guide those who worry about their drinking into having a healthier relationship with alcohol, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of severity.
Gabrielle Glaser
Author: Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink—
And How They Can Regain Control


When someone faces the notion that they may have an alcohol problem for the first time, it is almost impossible to know where to begin. Can I Keep Drinking? offers a practical, thorough, easy-to-read roadmap for addressing this issue.

Kevin P. Hill, MD, MHS

Addiction Psychiatrist, Clinical Researcher
Author: Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth about the World’s Most Popular Weed




Cyndi Turner explains the foundations of moderate drinking empathetically and intelligently. This book is an excellent addition to the harm reduction canon, one that will certainly help readers navigate a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Kelsey Osgood

Moderation Management facilitator
Author: How to Disappear Completely: On Modern Anorexia

Thorough, well-organized, and compassionate…Reveals Ms. Turner’s deep experience and understanding of the processes one goes through in struggling with a relationship with alcohol. She illuminates the spectrum of alcohol use and provides concrete, specific criteria to help you determine for yourself exactly where you may fall along that spectrum. More importantly, she also provides the resources and behavioral changes to help you regain control of your relationship with alcohol without necessarily eliminating it from your life.
Jim, client


Cyndi Turner’s methods, analysis, and perspective have changed my life physically and emotionally.  Thinking outside of traditional therapies she has helped me be “present” and embrace every minute and moment of my life.
Alberto, client

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